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About Us

ALLSTON TIMBERS LIMITED was established in 2000, dedicated to importing logs from Africa and Southeast Asia to China, with an annual import volume of about 350,000 cubic meters.

In August 2001, ATL SHIPPING LIMITED (BVI) was established, a professional chartering company established to meet the rapidly growing timber import volume of Allston Timbers Ltd. It charters about 45 vessels per year, including time charters.

In May 2003, the company purchased the first timber ship MV.TANATE and officially became the shipowner company. In November 2003, ATL shipping Ltd.(Shanghai) was registered and established as a professional ship management company. It obtained DOC from Lloyd's Register. So far, it has managed more than 20 ships.

In November 2018, ATL (Hong Kong) Limited was established as the operating platform for all ships under the unified operating company. There are currently 5 Panamax ships and one post-Panamax ship. At present, the focus is on shipping between the world's major grain producing areas and demand areas, such as South America and the Black Sea, Asia and the Middle East and other demand areas. The company's next development direction will be to expand the route from Australia or between the US Gulf and the Far East.


ALLSTON TIMBERS LIMITED成立于2000年,致力于从非洲和东南亚进口原木到中国,年进口量约为35万立方米。

2001年8月,ATL SHIPPING LIMITED (BVI)成立,这是一家为满足ALLSTON TIMBERS有限公司快速增长的木材进口量而成立的专业租船公司。该公司每年租进约45艘船,包括期租。